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Fabulous Muscles

by Xiu Xiu

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Crank Heart 03:19
Telling your son a joke He doesn't think is funny “We’ll catch him unawares but What if he doesn't wear underwear.” Lighting it up You were so cool Her school colors Black and light black Giving it up She has started Your life’s colors Black and light black Getting your hair from under your bed Breaking your fingers Getting killed by a car Before you can make him pay.
That's a pill and you've got to take it That's a pill that you've got to take I won't rest until you take it That's a heart that you made That's a heart and the both of you made it And I won't rest until I break it It’s ‘histroic de la famile It’s l’histroic de la femme And I won't rest until I forget about it I won't rest until I don't care I won't rest until I forget about it La, la, la, la, la, la, la That's a razor and you will make a threat That's a razor make million billion threats And I won't rest 'cause I heard it all before My behind is a beehive, there's a buzz in my backside My behind is a beehive, and I won't rest while you break my will Je t’aime the valley Je t’aime the valley, oh I am an orphan de la valley And I won’t rest until I forget about it I won’t rest until I don’t care La, la, la, la, la, la, la
It feels retarded, I want you to like me Will you be there tonight? Do you mean it when you say what you say? Fixing up my hair, I want to impress you Today and everyday, Okay, okay okay, okay So what do you want? I want to be careless too So much waiting, so much sitting alone When you say what you say, It's not what I thought, it's really nothing at all I'm not who you want, Alright, alright alright, alright Bunny gamer, stand up, bunny gamer, Where have you been all of my life? Bunny gamer, take me with you, Okay, okay okay, okay Bunny gamer, sit down, bunny gamer, Where have you been all night? Bunny gamer, leave me alone, Alright, alright alright, alright
I can stop lying, I can stop punching my own face I can stop stealing money, I can stop hating my own heart I can do it Because of you I can stop scratching up my cheeks I can stop drinking so much I can stop wanting to kill myself I can stop wanting your perfect heart I can start listening, I can say Hi I can feel something good Little panda McElroy
Did you know you were going to shoot off the top of a four year old girl's head And look across her car-seat down into her skull And see into her throat and did you know that her dad would say to you, "Please sir, can I take her body home?" Oh wait, you totally did know... that that would happen Cuz you're a jock who was too stupid and too greedy And too unmotivated to do anything else but still be The biggest and still do what other people tell you to do You did it to still be a winner You shot your grenade launcher into peoples windows and Into the doors of peoples houses But you want to shoot it into someone, just to watch them blow up Why should I care if you get killed?
Break my face in It was the kindest touch you ever gave Wrap my dreams around your thighs And drape my hope upon the chance to touch your arm Fabulous muscles Cremate me after you cum on my lips Honey boy place my ashes in a vase Beneath your workout bench No romance no sexiness But a star-filled night Kneeling down before the now familiar flesh Of your deformed penis Wigging out before the unfamiliar flesh Of my broken neck
Brian, tender kisses run run run is my wish for you Brian, tender drops of blood run run run I’m thinking of you How far does your brother go with you? Brian, growing boy stay stay stay awake is my prayer for you Brian, tender clutches run run run I’m thinking of you What happens to you when you dad Hears your brother pull down your underpants?
I can't wait to watch you get older I can't wait to meet that first boy that breaks your life I can't wait till you realize the family you've been born into I can't wait to watch you turn from good to bad I can't wait to tell your grandpa made your mommy play stripper while your uncle watched I can't wait to tell you I punched your mommy in the chest In front of her new friends I can't wait till you realize mommy's heart is broken I can't wait to watch you grow up around the people who broke it
Clowne Towne 03:50
Up and down through what you thought would be your future Became the dark reminder of What a rash and inconsistent faith you've had In loving your true self and your true love Clowne towne, no shelter Clowne towne, no anything Clowne towne, a single angel Clowne towne, no exit Your true father smashed his hands through the glass And failed out of the privileged life of his dream Your true love has drunk herself into not being able to pay her rent Or keeping her own word to her own self Your true brother has betrayed you over and over And looked you in the eye Your true self has become weak and alone and annoying And a true ridiculous dumbass Clowne towne, revealing nothing Clowne towne, a flock of coots Clowne towne, a single angel Clowne towne, a big dumb kid Clowne towne, no shelter Clowne towne, no anything Clowne towne, a single beauty Clowne towne, no exit
Mike 05:14
Dad, what was Nigel supposed to do with your body? A life I'll never understand Whose false teeth were gently pushed back into your Mouth by your daughter's husband What am I supposed to do with this? I feel like I'm not nice because sometimes It is hard for me to think something happy about you Except for that dad, I love you And I will always, always miss you Pull my finger


This record was written on the heels of huge, huge upheavals and violent personal changes and content wise reflects a year of a father's suicide, helpless watching the United States government/army rape and murder with smug disdain for anything but power, being betrayed and then in betraying others, finding out about a favorite 5 years old student being repeatedly molested by his teenage brother and the family due to immigration status and economics not being able to get help or really even stop it and then weirdly falling in love very, very,very unexpectedly and beautifully. The most central theme is about negative dominance politically, sexually and emotionally despite the space of a new, hopeful relationship.
Musically, due to having moved out of a punk rock crash pad where you can make all the noise you want, there are many more electronic sounds and kabuki style percussion. There is less of a dance influence with them but much more of a pop and then academic/experimental influence. There are sounds used to rhythmically push some songs forward in a top 40 way but with fewer straight beats. Noise restrictions also led to more use of single, quiet acoustic instruments. This record is the most pop Xiu Xiu record and the most experimental.
It was recorded at home in Seattle and Oakland (amazingly the hard disc survived moving 4 times in one year). Fabulous Muscles features Cory McCulloch, Ches Smith, Devin Hoff, Miya Osaki, Caralee McElroy, JherekBischoff, and Jamie Stewart.


released February 17, 2004

recorded in Oakland, CA and Seattle, WA
mastered by John Golden
published by Will It Burn Music BMI
principle photography by Caralee McElroy
additional photography by Lorem Ipsum
design by Joe Stewart

Thank You: K.M.J.N.O., C.N.M., Gigantor, Slim Moon, maggie, all at KRS, 5RC forever, Tom Lab, Collective Jyrk, Absolutely Kosher, Free Porcupine Society, Joe Stewart, Cory Brown, Tom, Miya Osaki, Ches Smith, Devin Hoff, Rob Fisk, Kelly Fisk, Aaron Russell, Devandra Banhart, Yvonne Chen, Lauren Andrews, Sprout Guy, Josh Stewart, Pete Swanson, Gabriel Mindel, Jherek Bischoff, Sam Mickens, Julie Musical Adventures, Kriten Miller, Yasi, Kurt Stumbaugh, Steve Gigante, Brian McFadin, Blue Ghost, Justin G., George Chen, Wilbert Williams II, Ken Urban, Michael Gira, Freddy Ruppert, Jon Fee, Chantelle, Zac Pennington, Owen Ashworth, Ryan Kork Agency, Henry PoleStar, Good For Cows, Kill Me Tomorrow, 7 Year Rabit Cycle, Ee, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, T.a.T.U., The Dead Science, Hella, Double Dare Yellow Swans, Deerhoof, SemiAutomatic, The Jim Yoshi Pile-Up, Pitchfork Media, Insound, Christopher Q and not U, Patti Schmidt, Constellation Records People, Potatoe Boy


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Xiu Xiu Los Angeles, California


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