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Angel Guts: Red Classroom

by Xiu Xiu

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James Loves You
James Loves You thumbnail
James Loves You I know every Xiu Xiu album is pretty bananas, but this is Xiu Xiu at what might be their most unhinged. Be careful. <3 Favorite track: :Red Classroom.
Fuck The Noise!
Fuck The Noise! thumbnail
Fuck The Noise! I dunno it's just really good. Favorite track: Botanica de Los Angeles.
Nihilistless thumbnail
Nihilistless Words like "dark" might apply to this but the term is misleading here. Angel Guts: Red Classroom isn't just some darkened monolith of claustrophobic heaviness.

This album is unnerving. It rattles rusted sheets of aluminum siding, it offers omens, it breathes heavily from behind a dirty blanket in an abandoned house that meth heads use to get fucked up.

This album is neurosis made tangible.

Xiu Xiu have made an album unlike any previous. Redefining their already near undefinable sound. Favorite track: Black Dick.
MK_Ultra thumbnail
MK_Ultra Scott Walker v Electro-Goth-Pop Favorite track: Stupid in the Dark.
Arnaldo Román
Arnaldo Román thumbnail
Arnaldo Román Somehow it reminds me of Einsturzende Neubauten but in a darker sense. This band is way more obscure and its lyrics are more in the existentialist side. Those who like Einsturzende Neubauten and How to Destroy Angels will surely appreciate this album, maybe even more. Favorite track: Archie's Fades.
JASON LEER thumbnail
JASON LEER World within a world away from it all. Favorite track: Cinthya's Unisex.
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Angel Guts: 03:28
your face is down alone on your desk at the end of the city you were squashed into there is no one you love the quivering heart of Gigantor the quivering heart of Cory your hair has gone white the truck you drive could easily crash into another and bigger truck it will be so long before I know your harmonium plays a chord I can hear it and I can feel it across all time and across all pain
the police showed me a photo you look so unlikable I say I’m not sure it is you but I wish I said it was you you taught me a lesson people are stupid in the dark people are useless in the moonlight people are meant to be loved loved without thought loved without thought in the moonlight pull out the gun give me your money give me your phone you can keep your ID the detectives encourage as I punch you in the tummy once we felt sorry for you people but not that sorry
don’t tell me someone is waiting no one is waiting don’t tell me someone is whispering too ooh ooh would you sonny, could you bunny? but no one is there right! a mockery RIGHT! SHA! SHA! SHA! OwOooh OwOooh OwOooh don’t tell me you are not wrinkled everything is wrinkled don’t tell me someone is whispering too ooh ooh don’t tell me I am wrong, wrong, wrong but no one is there right! a mockery RIGHT!
Black Dick 03:43
Black Dick on the table one ball like a skull the other ball like Bullet Bill Black Dick, Black Dick, Black Dick White Ass on the night stand one cheek like Jesus the other cheek like Hay Zeus Yellow Titties on the bureau one nipple a volcano on fire the other nipple baking soda put it out out out! Brown Pussy in the race car one thrust turns the key the other thrust releases the brakes GO! Black Dick DICK DICK DICK!
it is turning from day to dark armageddon what made you think life was special when I look at you I see there is one life that is special we don’t need to live to love everyone has failed us and we have failed everyone we don’t need to live to love soon this will all be gone to spare us kisses in the flood a piece of paper in my hand, a vow of double suicide the end of the world is avoidable our fire escape is five floors above the street we can sit and watch Los Angeles burning hold hands, turn around, lean over backwards this is the quiet we’ve promised each other this is the love we’ve always dreamt of
EL Naco 03:13
ants in the rice, ants in the seaweed ants in the kimchi, a worm in my stool we lived together for months, we both burst with shaking rage drunk and nude on the steps, a cross drawn on her chin we both look away, cupcake on a piece of cake goodbye haunted house, chuck bo buck banana fanna fo fuck! i see it and i have no right to see it, i don’t even know what it is blood paid with blood, sit on my lap, it might be the last time we ever feel love
two tears in a bucket adult friends, adult friends chug a lug, chug lug the world is what it is oh I kiss you nobody sees it oh we hold hands nobody knows about it oh you kiss me we just sit there overly experienced adult friends, adult friends you’ve reduced your breasts to a more tasteful size D when I touch them it is like a lobster crawling under my arm oh Oh oh i kiss you nobody can see it oh oh I pinch your nobody knows about it oh Oh you fondle but we just sit there with no tomorrows adult friends, adult friends oink oink oink oink
something has to be true besides what it true enraged at one’s own helplessness helplessness that is one’s own fault God made us and now He wants us to die I cannot care what do you think? what do you do? kneel before you, just for a moment a child’s love is useless what is there left to withstand? margarine spooned into illness alone at both sunset and dawn to persist in inhuman fury it could have been wonderful it tastes like a cookie what do you think? what do you do?
Bitter Melon 02:55
a hammer of purple shit bashes down on your fantasy fantasy piled upon the fantasy that maybe now you are free little boy, can I ever love you enough little boy, can I face you truly enough can I ever pat your head gently enough can I ever smile at you honestly enough can I keep dread far from your heart enough no, I cannot when I am near you everything everything everything is worth its cost your dad told me he has no feelings now I understand
A knife in the sun I don’t know how it happened The White Lady… cops, transsexuals, taxi drivers, homosexuals, drug dealers, mariachis, pick pockets KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE! Prince of Peace at least indulge us flesh was once food not food is fleshhhhhhh your lover will hate you despair and shut up gold, silver, copper, blue, violet, red, greeeeeeeeeeeeeen
You look so cute when you’re confused I give you a monkey bite in the arm pit but you say no no no no no no no no no no no no! but you don’t know what you want except to lie upon one with the other behind you but to lie on one side with the big one to the left and the bigger one to the right La Boca... you are so confused when you are cute I watch through the key hole and whisper no no no no no no no no no no no! but I don’t know what I want you want to be on your knees before them slapped en la boca with the big one noted lips adoring the bigger one and having no idea how you look so goooood whimpering compliments coming through the keyhole yes yes yes yes! a belt of hickeys a bandolier of hickeys a holster of hickeys a rosary of hickeys, a stigmata of hickeys a crown of thorns of hickeys I hate everyone but you I hate everyone but you I hate everyone but you I hate everyone but you
You should have known yet unashamed that there was no way to save your wasted flower of youth but you feel the same in spite of all he did to you sweet heart cut up face that I would have died any number of times for beat down and beat down so peculiar so beloved don’t look away be rough on the weak true love ought not wait but has the pistol is raised to your lips the feel of a kiss is gone gone as soon as it ends sweet face busted teeth that I would have died any number of times with slapped around like a clown so peculiar so beloved Hyunhye dead Kathleen dead Molly dead Natasia dead Denise dead Mylinh dead Mimi dead Jessica dead


released February 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Xiu Xiu Los Angeles, California

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